LMS are able to provide allmost every spare part required for your mini moto, pitbike, motorcross, supermoto, enduro, scooter, commuter, tourer, super bike, ATV…

The list is endless for parts, for this reason please contact LMS via telephone 01942-665-229  or send us an email via the enquiries link, with the make , model and year of the bike / ATV and a brief description of the part in question.  (NOTE!!!  NOT ALL PARTS NEED REPLACING THEY MAY BE REPAIRED FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST BY LMS’S MECHANIC)

LMS has a wide variety of stock parts that are frequently required i.e. brake pads, bearings, filters, batteries… however more spcialist parts may not be in stock, but we can get them to you within 1-2 working days.